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July 22, 2018

VILOFT® and VISETA®: Premium cellulosic fibres for the highest consumer satisfaction

Kelheim Fibres is one of the most experienced cellulosic staple fibre producers in the western world. For almost 80 years the company has helped the customers to develop successful products made with specialty cellulose fibres.

In the textile industry, Kelheim Fibres GmbH is one of the longest and most complex supply chains in the world in which 60 to 75 million people are directly involved. In a global network of companies and nations, they scout for trends, design collections, produce raw materials, spin yarn, create fabrics, dye, finish and sew them and finally trade, promote and sell apparel. Across the globe, the label “Made in Germany“ has become a synonym for products of the highest quality.

According to Kelheim Fibres, all this effort has one ultimate objective: to please the consumer who buys the garment. The consumer will be satisfied when his needs are fulfilled. Surveys have shown that consumers always look for the same properties when buying apparel: Value for money, high comfort, good quality and natural origin.

The properties of a garment – its touch, quality and function – are first and foremost influenced by the kind of the raw material. The cellulosic specialty fibres by Kelheim offer products which deliver the properties consumers are looking in this context, thus resulting in the highest consumer satisfaction.

Exceptional comfort for a best-buy decision

Consumers focus on getting good value for money. Fabrics made from Kelheim Fibres deliver a real increase in the value of the garment. Viloft and Viseta offer an exceptional level of comfort, improve the touch of the fabrics and deliver functional properties such as breathability and moisture management—all elements that will excite the consumers and increase the willingness to buy the product.


Natural fibres for sustainable consumption

Ecological awareness is now a mainstream trend. More and more people buy organic products, try to reduce their personal impact on the environment and want to make well informed buying decisions. These fibres allow you to offer your customers a material made from renewable resources. The fibres are 100% biodegradable, free of chemical residues, OEKO-TEX® certified and also available with FSC® certification.

Branding for understanding

Their branding programme allows you to communicate the benefits of Viloft and Viseta to the consumer. They offer free hang tags, a consumer website and the use of Kelheim brand for promotional materials. The information on the tags communicates the benefits delivered by Viloft and Viseta in the garment. This reinforces the high value of the product to the consumer at the point of purchase and beyond.

VILOFT®: A new dimension of comfort

The world of VILOFT is flat. After almost 100 years of production of round cellulosic fibres, 1985 saw the creation of VILOFT – the world’s first flat viscose fibre. The flat cross section delivers flexibility in the fibres and increases their surface area. When spun into a yarn, VILOFT fibres align in a random pattern and form hollow spaces filled with air.

The flat structure in combination with the hollow spaces in the yarn lends fabrics containing Viloft extraordinary properties. They have a soft dry touch, excellent moisture management and high breathability. This makes Viloft the ideal choice for adding functional comfort to apparel.

Outstanding performance – tried and tested: Comfort is not only a subjective feeling of the wearer, but can also be measured. The German Hohenstein Textile Institute, a founding member of the OEKOTEX® association, has tested a range of fabric samples according to international standards in order to compare the performance of Viloft to other materials. The results speak for themselves:

VILOFT – the ultimate definition of comfort

How is comfort defined? We have identified the properties which are necessary to give the wearer a feeling of comfort. And we have discovered that VILOFT provides all of them.

VISETA®: A gentle touch of nature

Beyond the boundaries of nature – but still natural. For more than 5,000 years, silk was the finest natural fibre available – until man-made fibres were invented. Viseta is a cellulosic textile fibre, engineered to go beyond what is possible in nature: It is 50% finer than silk. This delivers supernatural comfort with a fibre of natural origin. VISETA closes the gap between the advance of technology and ecological consciousness.

A fine affair

Compared to cotton, almost three times as many VISETA fibres form a yarn of the same count. This reduces the stiffness of the yarn leading to additional softness, creates a smoother yarn surface which delivers a luxurious fine and dry touch and due to the increased fibre surface area, improves the capillary action and the moisture wicking effect.

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