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July 16, 2018

BRÜCKNER sets the course for the future at their new production site!

Due to the strong demand for BRÜCKNER lines in the few last years, an expansion of the production capacity was indispensable for the German technology supplier. There were no possibilities for expansion at the previous production site in Tittmoning (Bavaria), so that the company decided to build a completely new site near Tittmoning, at a distance of a few kilometres from the previous site.

 After the ground breaking in September 2016, followed by a one-year construction, BRÜCKNER began step by step move to the new production site in November 2017 and expects to complete this move by spring 2018.

The new plant comprises 25,000 square meters of construction hall area and is provided with the latest production technology. Since this is a completely new building, the optimization regarding material flow and workplace design is also taken into consideration. The increasing sizes and weights of the machinery components were considered in the selection of the height of the hall and the type of the installed crane systems. Thus, crane systems for the lifting of weights up to 20 tons and crane hooks in a height of 12 m are now available for the final assembly.

The increasing sales success during the last years and the systematic expansion of BRÜCKNER’s nonwovens sector had a significant influence on the decision to build this new site.

In 2017, BRÜCKNER sold in the TECHNO-LINE NONWOVENS product line several lines for the production of geo-nonwovens, light nonwovens consolidated with bonding agents for the medical sector, voluminous thermo-fusioned filler nonwovens for the furniture industry and thermo-fusion ovens for ADL, top sheet and back sheet for the hygiene industry.

In the field of hygienic nonwovens, a trend shows towards products of a better quality with a smoother hand and of more uniform texture. With the development of a new generation of the air-through oven, BRÜCKNER provides the technology to produce these high-quality end products.

The successful sales of the new oven generation SUPRA-FLOW BA to renowned nonwovens producers all over the world confirms once again the innovation power of BRÜCKNER. Particular attention was given to a gentle transport of the not yet bonded web, a particularly uniform air flow through the web as well as a constant temperature distribution across the complete working width. Important findings from very different thermal treatment systems of related BRÜCKNER product lines could be integrated into the construction design.

Fig. 2: Air-through belt oven SUPRA-FLOW BA with subsequent separate cooling zone.

New oven generation SUPRA-FLOW BA

The new oven type is characterized among other advantages by the following constructive features:

  • Gentle fabric transport.
  • Minimum thermal energy required.
  • High flow uniformity.
  • Constant temperature distribution across the working width.
  • Best possible accessibility of the oven chambers.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Flow-optimized air circulation.
  • Use of belts with special coating with good detaching characteristics.
  • Working widths of up to 4200 mm in the standard design.
  • Production speeds up to 200 m/min.

The  continuously increasing number of inquiries for this new type of oven shows that the extensive development efforts were definitely justified and that the new belt oven corresponds absolutely to the market requirements.

BRÜCKNER’s nonwovens experts will with great pleasure present in a personal meeting the benefits of the SUPRA-FLOW BA air-through oven in detail to interested customers.

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